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The principal goal in this project is to determine if a one-dimensional diode array, the Profiler (Sun Nuclear Corporation), can be used as a tool for intensity modulated radiation therapy quality assurance (QA). A one-dimensional diode array can be used to measure dose and dose profiles for IMRT fields. IMRT fields for real cases at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center were used to test the Profiler model 1170 (Sun Nuclear Corporation). The main concern with the Profiler is that there is not central diode in the array. The absorbed dose displayed in the Profiler window is the average of the absorbed dose measured by the two central diodes. Absorbed dose measured using the Profiler was compared with absorbed dose measured using an ion chamber. The dose profiles obtained with the Profiler were also compared to those obtained by film dosimetry. The dose measured with the Profiler was within 5% regard to the dose measured using ion chamber. The quality of the profiles obtained with the Profiler was similar to those obtained using film dosimetry. The Profiler demonstrated to be feasible as a QA instrument for IMRT cases. Therefore, one-dimensional diode array can definitely be used as a tool for IMRT QA.



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