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The use of an electric vehicle (EV) over a gasoline vehicle (GV) is often portrayed as environment friendly or green movement ignoring how the electricity is produced. EVs get credit for preserving green environment and preventing global warming by minimizing the dependency on oil. Most of the time, these assumptions that favor EV are not well justified. Therefore, proper studies on the impact of electric vehicles on energy demand, on environment and on power system are necessary before reaching to any conclusion. This thesis explores the possibility of energy consumption pattern shift within the different sectors of energy use due to the massive switching of EVs over traditional GVs. In an attempt to find out whether electric vehicles are really efficient over traditional vehicles in terms of energy use as well as emissions, a complete well-to-wheel analysis and estimations of emissions during their use are calculated and compared. Lastly, a survey on the effect due to high penetration of electric vehicle chargers on the residential power grid is presented.



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Czarnecki, Leszek