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This descriptive-correlational study examined the knowledge, training and perceived preparedness of graduate social work and counselor education students in the area of comorbid childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse among women. Participants were 71 graduate social work and approximately 12 counselor education students scheduled to graduate in the spring semester of 2005. The study was analyzed using univariate and bivariate statistics. No significant differences emerged between graduate counselor education and social work students using independent-samples t-tests and a Fisher’s exact test on the measure of knowledge and training. Using a Mann Whitney U test, significant differences emerged between counselor education students on two questions on the measure of preparedness: No significant relationships emerged using a Pearson’s r correlation coefficient to examine relationships between interval-level variables and the variable of knowledge. The results may help determine the degree to which social work and counselor education curricula should be altered to include these issues. This research also has implications for improving practice, which begins with the professional curriculum.



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