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Research at the King George Island Mounds site (16LV22) consisted of shovel testing the island on which the site is located and placing test units in two recently discovered mounds in Area B on the south side of the site (Mounds F and G). The shovel test pits were placed on the western half of the island in an attempt to locate habitational features related to the earthworks on the eastern half of the island. All shovel tests done on King George Island during this investigation were negative showing no signs of occupation near the site proper. Units were placed in Mounds F and G in order to determine their age and ultimately their relationship (if any) to the rest of the earthworks. The presence of an argillic horizon in Mounds F and G comparable in depth to the ones in Mounds A and B done by Vasbinder (2005) suggest a similar age in construction, thereby indicating a direct relation between Areas A and B of the King George Island Mounds site.



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