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The purposes of this study are to understand how community is built and residents are educated in the residence halls on college campuses as well as to design a method for social media to aid that process. To achieve this, documents were collected from 10 different institutions from across the country. The documents were analyzed to determine how community is built, residents are educated, and the use of social media in residence life. The results showed that none of the institutions were using social media in any form. It also showed that all of the institutions build community and educate residents through similar methods which led to the seven themes: 1. Community; 2. Intentional; 3. Academic Success; 4. Relationships; 5. Programing; 6. Resources; and 7. Inclusive. After understanding the methods used to build community and educate residents, a process to implement social media to aid in both areas was designed. The final piece is an example of specific features of social media to build community and educate residents within a residence hall on a college campus.



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