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In this qualitative study, I investigated factors related to three eighth grade instrumental music students’ long-term commitment to school band. Each student represented a different category of intention: one was committed to being a band member long-term, one was not, and one was unsure. Framing the study were perceptions of character, personality, attitudes, and motivations in the context of pending decisions to continue or discontinue participation. More broadly, locus of control and characteristics from attribution theory were examined. Interviews, observations and questionnaire results revealed that locus and attribution style each bear on students’ inclinations to remain in band. All students, regardless of intentions to continue, expressed the majority of attributions in the category of effort; the student committed to not continuing was found to have a strongly external locus; and both the student committed to continuing and the student who was unsure were found to be internals. It was found that all participants expressed a desire to be more challenged in the instrumental music classroom and this need affected their motivation to participate. In addition, the more external participant required greater opportunities for performance, which would lead to positive attention from influential others.



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