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Given increased media interest in the relationships that exist between African American men and women, few studies to date have examined the characteristics that Black men and women most appreciate in one another. Since emerging adulthood is the time in life when many individuals are contemplating marriage and date with the goal of finding a suitable marriage partner, this study will examine the qualities that Black men and women highly value in one another, which may lead them to eventually marry. Through the use of Value Theory, this study will examine the qualitative responses of 24 (17 females; 7 males) Black men and women, aged 18-29 to the question: “What characteristics do you most appreciate about African Americans of the opposite sex?” Qualitative analysis resulted in the following three themes: (1) Value of Strength and Candor; (2) Value of Mutual Understanding and Sensitivity; and (3) Value of Leadership and Protection. Supporting qualitative data are presented in connection with each of the aforementioned themes.



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