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Online communities for expectant mothers have existed for many years, but newer social media sites are allowing these groups to exist in different formats. This study features an online community of 94 women that originated from’s forums who then formed their own community, a Facebook group for February 2012 moms. The women exist in many different social media spheres including the group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a separate Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group. This study used a survey questionnaire to determine whether these different social media sites and platforms met different needs for this specific group of women. The study also hoped to determine whether needs being met or not met resulted in an evolution to different platforms. The third aspect of this study was to determine whether a context collapse existed with the creation and integration of this new Facebook group. The results suggest that the women used the February moms group rather than other social networking sites to fulfill most of their needs, and the women integrated their online friends from the group with their offline friends in social media contexts.



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