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ABSTRACT The present single subject study investigated the treatment effects of group aphasia treatment (GAT) on word retrieval skills. Two participants participated in 1.5 hours of GAT, two times a week for 17 sessions. Both participants demonstrated significant improvements in percent of correct responses, but theses gains were not maintained. Slight improvements were noted on the Boston Naming Test (BNT; Kaplan et al., 2001) in one participant, but not the other. Both participants demonstrated improvement in discourse as evidenced by percent correct information units (CIUs; Nicholas & Brookshire, 1993) and in functional communication abilities as evidenced by the ASHA Functional Assessment of Communication Skills (ASHA FACS; Frattali et al., 1995) Social Communication Subtest. One participant demonstrated improved quality of life Based on the ASHA Quality of Communicative Life Scale (Paul et al., 2004) ratings. Results indicated that total time in treatment did not affect improvement. Results indicate that GAT was successful in the treatment of word retrieval but these skills did not generalize to untrained activities and were not maintained.



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