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Using a sample from the seven largest metropolitan areas in the United States, (Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and Houston), consumer attitudes concerning agricultural biotechnology is examined. Conjoint analysis is used to examine consumer preferences for the labeling of biotech foods. The study examines the relationship between the consumer’s knowledge and attitudes regarding biotech foods and their preferences for food labels. Consumers’ attitudes regarding a healthy diet, and their risk perceptions regarding biotech foods were found to have a significant effect on the general use of food labels and preferences for labeling of biotech foods. The most significant finding of the study is that consumers prefer mandatory labeling of biotech foods, rather than FDA’s current voluntary labeling policy. The conjoint results show that the most important attribute regarding a biotech label was the presence of a logo, contributing 48.7 % to the preference rating. A text disclosure describing the benefits of the biotech ingredient was determined to be the second most relevant attribute, accounting for 40.87% of the respondent’s preferences for labeling. The third most important attribute (contributing 10.43%) was the location of the logo on the principal display panel (PDP) of the product package.



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