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ABSTRACT Optical Coherence Tomography has been effectively used for endoscopy in many previous studies. In this work, a 2 mm diameter forward-looking endoscope is developed with the help of MEMS technology and Optical Coherence Technology (OCT) to obtain in-vivo cross-sectional images of tissues or body cavities. The design consists of a GRIN lens, optical fiber and MEMS chip that are placed in line to fulfill the aim of achieving a 2 mm diameter probe. A standard assembly process has been established for the probe. An anisotropic etching was performed on the sample chip to create the V-groove for carrying the fiber properly. Furthermore, the sample chip was thinned at right thickness to fit in the 2 mm diameter stainless steel tube. Moreover, the optics relating the fiber and the GRIN lens has been tested. The light was transmitted through the core of the fiber and reflected back from the mirror of the GRIN lens. The reflecting angle of the rays was correct to hit the scanning mirror.



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