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Effective teenage pregnancy prevention is a topic of debate in current literature. Religiosity is frequently examined in the research, and studies typically assess associations between behavior patterns and level of religiosity. Feminist ideology is another theme found in the teenage pregnancy prevention literature that mainly examines how feminist perspectives contribute to effective prevention approaches. The current study examined the interrelationships among religiosity, feminist ideology and attitudes toward teenage pregnancy prevention. A self-report survey instrument was used to collect data from 69 MSW students, a sample surveyed for the first with the current study. A significant positive correlation was found between level of religiosity and a preference for abstinence-only sex education. Additionally, a significant positive correlation was found between feminist ideology and a preference for comprehensive sex education. Knowledge of condoms and oral contraceptives was high among participants overall. Results suggest that the religiosity and feminist ideology of MSW students influences attitudes towards sex education. However, knowledge of condoms and contraceptives does not appear to be influenced by religiosity and feminist ideology.



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