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This thesis discusses the results obtained upon the implementation of an online math remediation program, SuccessMaker, as a component of Response to Intervention (RTI). The objective was to increase the content knowledge of students struggling in math. Woodlawn Middle chose a targeted group of students considered “at risk” in hopes of preparing them for the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP). Yearly gains in SuccessMaker were compared to achievement levels on the math section of the LEAP test. Results showed that the more time spent on Success Maker resulted in higher gains in grade level. The gains in SuccessMaker did not necessarily translate to increasing the passing rate on the math component of the LEAP test. In terms of an RTI component, SuccessMaker worked well as a remediation tool because teachers were able to meet the needs of multiple students at a time. The intervention raised the math skills and consequently, the grade levels of many students. Hence, suggestions to optimize the implementation of SuccessMaker are given in detail to Pearson, school administrators and teachers.



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