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School psychologists must often hand over the interventions they plan to be carried out by others. Collecting treatment integrity is a way to ensure that the interventions are being properly implemented according to the treatment plan. Treatment integrity can be measured in a variety of ways: direct observation, self-report, and permanent product, to name a few. However, little research has been done to see if these different methods are capturing the same information about the accuracy with which interventions are being implemented. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to collect all three types of integrity for a single intervention, the Good Behavior Game, and compare the results in order to find out if they are capturing the same information. Participants included four general education elementary school teachers. Hierarchical linear modeling was used to assess for the relationships between methods. Direct observation and teacher report methods had the highest levels of relatedness. There was almost no relationship between the permanent product and the other two methods. Item analyses were then run to see which items were driving the relationship between the observer and teacher integrity measures.



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