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It is difficult to imagine that others do not perceive and react to the cultural stimuli as I do when dealing with everyday sensory situations. Unlike most, I have struggled with many different responses to commonplace sensory events during my life. A recent diagnosis of certain symptoms has helped to explain not only my lifelong reactions to sensory stimuli, but also the resulting environments I have created for myself in which I live and work. The four terms I use that most fully describe the affects of this condition are; too fast, too tight, too loud and too bright. Although the first, too fast, is not necessarily considered a sense, it results in an internal reaction to an external visual event. The others are directly related to the sense of touch, the sense of hearing and the sense of sight. I will describe my efforts to construct environments in my Thesis Show where each of these areas of my difficulty are presented to the viewer so that he or she may feel, to a greater or lesser extent, how I perceive my environment.



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