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This thesis presents a finite element parametric study of the transient thermomechanical interactions of shaft-bushing pairs in bearings to gain insight into the nature of two categories of failures encountered in practice. The first type of failure deals with occurrence of the so-called thermally induced seizure (TIS) during the start-up period followed by an investigation of TIS due to a transient flow-disturbance. The second part deals with the thermomechanical interactions of pin-bushing assembly under heavy oscillating loads where the failure is by TIS and/or thermal galling. An extensive set of parametric simulations covering a wide range of loads, speeds, operating clearance, bearing dimensions, friction coefficients and thermal expansion coefficients are performed to gain insight into the phenomenon of TIS and thermal galling. A statistical procedure is applied to the simulated results and an appropriate empirical relationship is derived that predicts the time to failure for each category. Good agreement between the empirical and published results attests to the capability of the model and its potential for predicting bearing failure.



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Michael M Khonsari