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Current trends in homework research have sought to understand the importance behind homework assignment and completion as well as effective interventions to increase accurate homework productivity. Classroom contingencies have been shown to effectively increase a variety of academic behaviors in the classroom, but research remains limited on the efficacy of a dependent group contingency administered in a general education classroom to improve homework completion and accuracy. The study utilized a dependent group contingency in the general education classroom setting in southeastern Louisiana public schools to improve students’ homework performance. Teacher, individual student and classroom data were collected in order to analyze this novel approach and enhance the current research on the utilities of a dependent group contingency targeting homework performance. Although there were was some positive effects of the group contingency, the data was highly variable across phases and baseline logic was unable to be demonstrated. Therefore, a functional relationship could not be established between the contingency and homework performance. Despite these findings, the study demonstrates utility in future research. Limitations and future directions in research in schools are discussed.



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