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The purpose of this study is to see why students, who attended receptions in Texas, decided to enroll at Louisiana State University and to decide if the receptions are an effective method to recruit students in Texas. These receptions are considered special programming. While normal programming is effective, LSU has looked for ways to go above and beyond these methods. Special programming is another way to, “bring LSU to the student.” These informational receptions for Junior and Senior high school students and their parents have proven to yield students. This reception format needed to be evaluated from the student’s perspective. It was necessary to evaluate all parts of the program to see what needs to be changed and to see if expansion of the program would be beneficial to the University. A questionnaire was emailed to 116 reception attendees from both Dallas and Houston, TX. These attendees are now current students at LSU. The response rate was 26%. The study found that 60% of the sample stated that the reception did influence their decision to attend LSU. They also gave insight into the receptions and entire recruitment process.



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