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This study investigates whether the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) as outlined by the Louisiana Department of Education prepare students for introductory college level chemistry. A sample of 135 students in Dr. Watkins fall 2009 CHEM 1201 classes were tested for correlations between knowledge of the GLEs (chemical concept inventory pre-test and post-test score and normalized gain) and performance in CHEM 1201 (average exam score and final exam score). No significant correlations were found between any of these variables. For further analysis, students were grouped into two groups, in-state public school students and out-of-state/private school students. It was assumed that in-state public school students were educated using the GLEs as the framework for their education while out-of-state/private school students were not. It was determined that both groups of students were statistically similar in every category with the exception of their final exam score, with the out-of-state/private school students performing better. There was also no significant relationship between any of the variables (pre-test score, post-test score, normalized gain, average exam score, final exam score) when the students were grouped.



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