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This study is conducted to investigate if the designed four-step method strategy (GEAR strategy adapted from Polya, 1973) in solving math problems has improved students’ performance scores and enhanced the metacognitive skills of gifted students. The respondents of this study include middle school gifted students who took math eight course in the school year 2013-2014 at Westdale Middle School in East Baton Rouge Parish School System. There are four classes of math eight gifted students who participated in the study. The classes were chosen randomly for experimental and controlled group and were equalized on the basis of the pre-test results of the Module 1 Edusoft Test and the Metacognitive Activities Inventory (MCAI) questionnaire form. During the 4-week period, the experimental group received GEAR strategy while the controlled group used any method they had learned in solving math word problems systematically or nonsystematical way. After the 4-week training period, the results of paired-sample t-test showed that the experimental group’s post-test scores on Module 2 Edusoft test have increased but not overwhelmingly, however, there is a significant difference of their MCAI post-test. The results imply that GEAR strategy does affect the metacognitive skills of middle school gifted students in problem solving and creates a marginal improvement on their classroom performance. This study provides the discussions, implications, and suggestions.



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