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The interrelationships between vision, desire, and language are the elements that drive my artistic practice. “What is seeing?” “How is seeing related to desire?” These questions are at the base of my interests. I recognize optics as a subset of perception, yet I strive to reform them into interchangeable components. My interest in optics is based on doubt. I’m not interested in optic’s correctness, clinical orientation, or current sophistication, but rather in undermining its limitations. Our culture still struggles to absorb the notion of the sentient being, one example is our acuity of vision being standardized to 20/20. Within my research, the perceptual engagement between the work and the viewer is an initial tool to stress the importance of the act of seeing as a language rooted and dynamic human capability. The present work forms a non-linear, non- descriptive assimilation and response to these issues and how they can provide the possibility of a meaningful aesthetic experience for the contemporary viewer. The exhibit includes installations and paintings in diverse media, which were manipulated considering the implication of conceptual juxtapositions as well as the effect they created as sensual surfaces.



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