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My thesis embodies the uncertainties and reservations that surround one’s mortality. Dealing with the loss of my father who suddenly passed away two and a half years ago has sparked an emotionally driven artistic process. The abruptness of my Dad being alive one second and with little or no warning deceased the next has impacted my work tremendously. My goal has been to evoke and share the very human emotions that occur during the erratic stages of grief. This research acknowledges the ‘black and white’ absolutes of living and dying, yet those ideas are juxtaposed with the many gray areas often more difficult to comprehend. Those ‘gray’ interests include: the conflicting forces of a falling body and a rising spirit, reflections of time, change, impermanence, significance, and finally questions of after-life. Although, many of the questions I have explored are esoteric in nature, there is not an enlightened inner circle, or a resource for exact answers to my interests. I am trying to link embodiment, or physical existence, with ideas that are only present in the mind; as well as searching for a visual and metaphorical bridge between here and hereafter. Representing obscurity with any kind of clarity is difficult. Is it possible to depict those places and ideas?



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