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For advertisers looking to include online media in their marketing strategies, consumer perceptions of Web sites become increasingly important. This study examined three types of endorsement in an online setting. To accommodate the many voices of a social network site, this study employed a new form of endorsement, a social-network endorsement, to account for the collective opinions and feedback of social network site members. Using an experimental design, this study tested the credibility, engagement, and interactivity of three types of endorsements: a corporate endorsement, a third-party endorsement and a social-network endorsement. Two hundred fifty-one participants examined one of three sites, a corporate site, a blog and a Facebook group page, to determine if Web site source affected credibility, engagement, interactivity, attitude toward the Web site, brand attitudes, and purchase intentions. Findings indicated consumers regard corporate Web sites with more credibility and find them more engaging and interactive. Credibility also increased positive attitudes towards the Web sites. Subjects also rated Facebook more trustworthy and engaging than the blog. However, none of the different endorsements influenced brand attitudes or purchase intentions.



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