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The objectives of this research are to demonstrate the process of applying perception of safety in a campus environment to actual crimes and to use the results to better implement safety improvements within the campus landscape. The focus of the research is the outdoor environment on a college campus. The Louisiana State University campus was selected as a case study. The survey was developed and tested to better understand how people perceive their surroundings and to incorporate the findings of perception of safety to improve design and planning decisions for the LSU campus. The criteria for a safe design was developed from research gathered on crime prevention and the psychological reactions of users to exterior site features. Crimes reported on the LSU campus were compiled on a crime map in order to analyze whether student perceptions of unsafe and safe areas were justified. The hope of this thesis is to enlighten designers on the subject of crime prevention and the perception of safety in the landscape. Further research on the LSU campus that leads to actual improvements of public safety is encouraged for persons involved in campus planning and maintenance.



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