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The Toncrey site (16PL07), located in the coastal marsh of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, is a prehistoric mound site containing three earthen mounds, on the north, west, and south edges of a plaza. The layout of the mounds in cardinal directions around the plaza suggests that this component of the site dates to the Coles Creek period. On the eastern side of the site an extensive, wave-washed and re-deposited oyster (Crassostrea virginica) shell midden contains diagnostic Coles Creek, Plaquemine, and Mississippian pottery. Archaeological research at the site was conducted to confirm the cultural affiliation of the mound group and midden, and to gather information on the relationship between what appears to be a Coles Creek occupation and possible Mississippian culture influence or intrusion in the area. Approximately 2,876 pottery sherds were collected and analyzed. The results of this investigation produced more data that will allow archaeologists to more accurately compare prehistoric coastal Louisiana and inland regions, and to clarify the role of Mississippian culture along the coast.



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