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The main objective of current thesis is the study of Radial Flux Twin Rotor Permanent Magnet (RFTWTRPM) motor. The tasks were to review the literature about RFTWTPM motors and model the motor using Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM 4.0). Later the performance of RFTWTRPM motor as a brushless dc motor was analyzed by using MATLAB/SIMULINK package. To find the electrical and mechanical parameters of the RFTWTRPM motor, the rotor and stator dimensions of the motor were firstly optimized using linear FEMM model of the motor. The optimized dimensions were used to construct the cylindrical FEMM model. This model was later used to determine electrical and mechanical parameters. The electro-mechanical parameters were used in the construction of motor block diagram in SIMULINK. This block diagram was used to test the performance of the motor as Brushless DC motor was analyzed for various dynamic and steady state conditions. It was observed that the RFTWTRPM motor was highly suitable to operate as Brushless DC motor.



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