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The King George Island Mounds site (16LV22) is one of four conical mound sites located along the lower Amite River in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Gagliano originally reported the site in 1957 as containing two conical mounds. Initially, it was postulated that the Lower Amite River mounds might date to the Marksville period based on the similarities of shape. Recent research conducted at the site indicates that the site may contain up to five conical mounds that date to the Late Archaic period. Geomorphological, pedological, and archaeological data indicate an initial Archaic occupation. Archaic period artifacts were recovered from excavations above, in, and below a buried A horizon at the King George Island Mounds site. These included exotic lithic materials, dart points, four-sided drills, pebble-pointed hammerstones, and microlithic drills. Radiocarbon dates of the buried A horizon in the ridge provide a Late Archaic terminus post quem for activity at the site. Despite the recent research, site function remains unclear. The lack of evidence of residential features may indicate that the King George Island Mounds site served ceremonial and/or territorial functions.



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