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Bladed Tiles is a modular hardware toolkit for building tangible and embedded interface devices. It includes “function blades” and “interaction tiles,” which can provide a flexible, inexpensive, open-ended platform for constructing a wide variety of tangible and embedded interfaces. In this paper, we propose Communication Blades. These are a class of electronic modules with varied computational capabilities for interfacing devices built using bladed tiles toolkit and also for interfacing embedded devices as adapters with external communication networks. These blades provide flexibility by offering the ability to select between different communication technologies and connectivity by providing devices with interoperability over different communication mediums. Furthermore, the modular blade architecture allows different types of communication blades to be plugged in on demand. This reduces the need for development and knowledge of communication protocols by the developers, thus abstracting the underlying complexity. My research work includes studying and designing various communication blades i.e. Serial, USB, Bluetooth and Gumstix. It also includes prototyping, testing and implementing the communication blades.



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