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The circle is a primary shape, a closed curve that divides a plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior. This exploration has allowed me to place what I like inside the circle and then use that piece to complete a composition. In graphic design, the circle is not only a ring, a disc or a sphere; it is also the fifteenth letter of the Roman alphabet. ‘O’ is not only a letter, but a vowel that is the same shape in upper and lower case. It can also be a number. Beyond its ability to participate in statistics and phrases, it is a symbol used in countless icons appearing solid, hollow or spherical. The ‘O’ represents everything round from karma to coins, and planets to peace. Each composition in this exhibit is created with circles and titled with them. Evolve, Grow, Erode, Chaos, Order, Vowel, Consonant and Word were all created in the spirit of the circular theme using a word containing the letter ‘o’. Flat colors, gradients, rings and detailed illustrations finally rest on paper after being transferred from sketchbook to screen and pixels to paper.¬ I am satisfied with this exploration on a unique level as a designer who has the opportunity to reflect my art in my design.



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