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Near the Lewis & Clark Trail is a creative writing thesis that contains two distinct parts. Part one is a short story cycle: a collection of interlinked narratives that together, tell a larger, cohesive story. Many different points of view, narrative techniques, and non-linear time sequences are used in order to provide a pastiche of different voices, points in time, and perspectives, that ultimately form an overall narrative structure. In addition to the stories, there are several fictional documents that are used to separate the work at critical times, and to provide subtext. In between the stories are: a letter to a county judge, a fake police report, and a fictional newspaper article. Because these documents are meant to seem real, they are in different fonts, which offset them from the rest of the text, and are consistent with the fonts used in real life for these documents. The second part of the thesis is an original screenplay titled: After The Gold Rush. This is an adaptation of the first short story in part one, and also incorporates several plot points from the story cycle. The screenplay can be looked at as a singular work, or an exercise in adaptation.



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