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The clarinetist of today is challenged by advancements in contemporary music and technology. In addition to the difficulties with contemporary clarinet techniques and with the onset of electronic music, multimedia compositions from the last forty years have presented an additional obstacle: the visual element. This written document provides a concise historical perspective of multimedia compositions utilizing clarinet and a tutorial focusing on the preparation of four multimedia works. A catalog of multimedia compositions for clarinet with visuals is included to provide information about literature and availability. This document contains an historical essay, summarizing developments in technology and changes in music composition from the late 1950s to the present, focusing on multimedia clarinet music. It also chronicles the development of multimedia music for the clarinet as both a solo and a chamber instrument. Four multimedia works are presented for study in this document. The pieces were selected according to several criteria such as date of composition, composer's influence, availability, type of visual used, and success in performance or competition. Each piece is representative of one decade: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. These include Joel Chadabe's Street Scene (1967), Merrill Ellis's A Dream Fantasy (1974), William O. Smith's Slow Motion (1987), and Reynold Weidenaar's Swing Bridge (1997), respectively. A chapter is provided for each of the composers represented by compositions in the recital to provide a biography of the composer, and a description of the piece used for performance in the lecture recital. A tutorial section for each piece offers a preparation and rehearsal guide as well as suggestions for set-up and performance. Clarinetists may be unaware of multimedia literature due to the absence of a catalog. This document includes a catalog of multimedia compositions to aid clarinetists in their search for performance literature. The goal of this recital and written document is to create an awareness and interest in this art form as well as to provide useful strategies for its preparation and performance.



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