Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Michael C. Sturman


This research examines the organizational performance implications of relative wage strategies and pay structures. Organizations' relative wage strategies and pay structures are key characteristics useful in describing and delimiting various compensation systems, and are therefore particularly relevant for evaluation at the organizational level. The organizational performance implications of organizations' relative wage strategies and pay structures are investigated in terms of both operational and financial indicators of organizational performance. Initially, relevant theory and past research on relative wage strategies and pay structures are discussed. Following this, hypotheses are developed that predict the operational and financial performance implications of pay structures and relative wage rates. Next, the sample and research methodology used to investigate the research hypotheses are presented. Results indicate that relative wage practices and pay structures influence measures of organizational performance. Moreover, results also show that relative wage practice and pay structures interact to influence the operational and financial measures of organizational performance. The research concludes with a discussion of the results, their limitations, and suggestions for future research.