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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Wendy Kohli


The main purpose of this study is to recover the marginalized voices of women educators in Jamaica by turning their oral life histories into text. It was not possible to interview all women educators in Jamaica so I have used the life histories of two women who were the 'first' women to take positions in educational leadership in two spheres that were once male dominated. Both women have made it to the zenith of the education profession. These women relate their life experiences and the meanings they give to their work as educators. Women have always played important roles in the education system of Jamaica, but there is very little or no documentation of this. Although the two women in this study cannot speak for all the women teachers/educators in Jamaica it is hoped that because of the meanings they give to their experiences, through their stories, other educators in the country will be reflective of their practices as professionals. It is the researcher's hope that a conversation will begin in which other women will join and will commit their experiences as educators to text. Further the researcher hopes that outsiders will gain some insight and knowledge of class, race and gender as they co-exist in Jamaica.