Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Joseph Suhayda


A spreadsheet program was successfully developed which determines the engineering requirements for pipeline transport of sediments from dredge sites to wetland restorations sites. The program called SLURRY.XLS involves several new correlations. A new correlation for determining the critical velocity of particle transport is presented. New correlations were statistically developed for determining the drag coefficient of particles. The spreadsheet also successfully determines settling velocities of the individual particle sizes in any settling regime. A second spreadsheet program entitled "CONSOL.XLS" uses geotechnical principles of consolidation for determining marsh surface elevation with and without hydraulic fill versus time. The CONSOL.XLS program permits the engineer to determine how thick the hydraulic fill needs to be so that the fill does not sink faster than the surrounding marsh. The "CONSOL.XLS" illustrates that restoration using pipeline-conveyed sediments will require a maintenance effort in a subsiding environment. A design manual is presented which outlines the steps to wetland creation or restoration using dredge sediments. The design manual contains a checklist for wetland planning including suggestions for site selections. The design manual also contains a site visit checklist for subsequent wetland management once the hydraulic fill is complete.