Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Marketing (Business Administration)

First Advisor

William R. Darden


An empirical assessment of the overall effects of country of origin and product type on the structural parameters of a purchase intentions model is undertaken. First, it is theorized that (1) product involvement, (2) perceived risk, (3) psychic distance, (4) perceived product quality, and (5) national character will directly or indirectly affect purchase intentions of imported goods. These constructs form the operational framework for purchase intentions of foreign-made products, which is presented in the form of a structural equation model. Secondly, it is proposed that country of origin and product type may be viewed as global experimental variables, thereby having a global experimental effect on the parameters of the proposed model. Furthermore, it is posited that the global experimental effect may differ with different levels of the global experimental variables. In order to address this issue, two products: shoes and winter jackets, and three countries: China, Germany, and India, are employed in the research design as specific experimental variables. Covariance structural modeling is utilized to test the proposed model under the six specific experimental conditions. In order to analyze the data, a multi-sample procedure, using LISREL VII (Joreskog and Sorbom 1989), was employed.