Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Earl Cheek, Jr


The purpose of this study was to derive a deeper understanding of one successful kindergarten teacher, her behaviors, and her effect on students as they develop early literacy skills. This study examined the following aspects of teacher behavior as they related to early literacy development: (a) the interactions of the teacher with regular education and special education inclusion students in an inclusive kindergarten classroom with holistic, language-based curricula, (b) the behaviors of the teacher while engaging students in the literacy processes of reading and writing, (c) the behaviors of the teacher as she encouraged students to react to books using a specific repeated read aloud strategy, and (d) the teacher's professional activities and interactions with her peers which contributed to her beliefs and practices. By providing an in-depth description of one successful kindergarten teacher, this study presented valuable insights into classroom teaching with implications for school programs dealing with the development of early literacy skills for regular education students and full inclusion special education students in kindergarten. Through examination of each aspect of this teacher's behavior in depth, this investigation furnished information regarding characteristics of a successful kindergarten teacher and presented a specific repeated read aloud strategy.