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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Wallace McKenzie


Thomas Louis Marcos Tio (1828-c1881), and his uncle, Louis Hazeur (c1792-1860), were active musicians in the antebellum free-colored society of New Orleans. Two of Thomas Tio's sons, Louis (1862-1922) and Lorenzo (1867-1908), in turn became involved as clarinetists and arrangers in the marching bands, minstrel shows, and pit orchestras of late nineteenth-century New Orleans. The most widely known of the Tios, however, was Lorenzo, Jr. (1893-1933), who exerted a prime influence on the development of the early style of jazz clarinet performance. The teacher of Sidney Bechet and Barney Bigard, he performed with many jazz groups in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. As a composer Lorenzo Tio, Jr., is said to have supplied material to Duke Ellington. The dissertation presents a historical account of the musical activities of the Tio family from 1814 to 1933 and assesses their position in the musical community of New Orleans. Sources include newspapers, civil records, taped interviews, and sound recordings. Appendices contain maps and music transcriptions.