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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Spencer J. Maxcy


The purpose of this study was to examine the structure, membership, and benefits provided by the Louisiana Association of Principals. A review of related literature revealed a lack of standards whereby state-level educational organizations could be systematically examined. In this study it was hypothesized that by providing benefits to members, the Louisiana Association of Principals could increase its membership. It was also hypothesized that in order to gain new members, the Louisiana Association of Principals had to effectively deal with internal and external pressures. All of the records of the organization were reviewed. Interviews were conducted with key leaders. Ineffective leadership has cost the organization in terms of fiscal growth, hindering the organization's ability to enhance its benefits package. The leadership has failed to eliminate internal dissent costing the organization energy that could have been directed toward external goals. Although the organization has shown slow, steady growth in membership, the viability of the organization is in doubt.