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Doctor of Education (EdD)


The purpose of this study was to examine training and detraining effects on selected physiological measures of fitness in adult Black women. Pre, post and detraining post measurements were made on body weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sum of skinfolds (triceps, suprailium and thigh), and predicted max (')VO(,2). The study was conducted in four stages: two training stages and two detraining. Training was either by walking/jogging or aerobic dancing 3 times per week over 11 to 12 weeks at 70-75% of age-adjusted max HR. One detraining period was for 10 weeks, a second period for 15 weeks. Data were analyzed by factorial ANOVA. Predicted max (')VO(,2) was significantly increased after training and was either maintained or reduced back to pretraining levels through detraining. Skinfold thicknesses were significantly reduced following training, and after detraining either stabilized or returned to pretraining levels. Body weight, heart rate, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure underwent almost no changes from training through the detraining period.