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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Short term burial of freshly harvested seed and soil disturbances in agricultural populations of wild poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla L.) indicated a very low carry over of seeds into the second season after dissemination. After seeds were buried at 10, 50, 100, and 200 mm in the fall; 4%, 81%, 30% and 1%, respectively, produced seedlings during the following growing season, and only 3%, 1%, < 1%, and 3% of the seeds, respectively, were viable after one year. Soil disturbances (tillage) did not affect seedling recruitment or longevity of wild poinsettia seed. Early planting dates (May 1) of soybeans required 6 weeks of weed-free maintenance to prevent serious reinfestation and subsequent yield reductions in fields with a high agronomic seed bank of wild poinsettia, whereas for late planting dates (June 10) 3 weeks of weed-free maintenance was required. No significant difference in yield was detected between one or two cultivations for either planting date.