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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


We present a variational calculation, using Slater-type trial wavefunctions of the energy spectrum and ionization energy of the hydrogen atom in strong magnetic fields ranging from 10^ Gauss (typical of magnetic white dwarf surfaces) to 10 12 Gauss (typical of pulsar surfaces). In addition, we have calculated bound-bound transition probabilities. Furthermore, a method is developed to generalize the energy level results to any one-electron atom. In particular, results for He 11 are presented. We also present an exact calculation of the quadratic Zeeman wavelength displacements of the Balmer lines from DA white dwarfs in view of which the estimate of the surface magnetic fields is higher than that obtained by previous, less accurate calculations. Finally, the variational calculation is extended to two-electron atoms in strong magnetic fields: we present the energy spectrum and ionization energy of He I and the e l e c t r o n affinity of If- .