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The purpose of this study was to generate a “transfer of training” assessment of a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) certification training course provided by the Alliance Safety Council, a non-profit organization which provides COSS training throughout the United States targeting individuals who work in the safety and health field that coordinate corporate safety and health plans for their companies. This course consists of a five day, forty hour in-class course designed to build competencies in the field of safety with specific learning outcomes. This study described graduates of the COSS training on selected personal and professional demographic characteristics, determined what variables influenced a graduate’s ability to transfer training within the workplace, and assessed the degree to which graduates of this training engaged in transfer of training activities in their respective workplaces. This paper makes recommendations regarding potential future research efforts designed to further examine COSS participation and sponsorship, barriers to transfer of training, and the impact of transfer of training on an organization’s safety performance. Finally, this paper provides feedback to COSS program designers, instructors, related practitioners.



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Machtmes, Krisanna