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American composer Ben Moore (b. 1960) is a well-regarded painter, pianist, and composer whose compositions have been sung by leading singers of the Metropolitan Opera. This document serves as a performer’s guide to Moore’s song cycle Dear Theo. The song cycle utilizes Moore’s own text adaptations of letters written by Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo. Chapter 1 presents a biographical sketch of Vincent van Gogh and his path to becoming a painter. Chapter 2 provides a brief life history of Ben Moore based on personal interview. Chapter 3 details the process of creating the song cycle Dear Theo. Chapter 4 is a performer’s guide to the cycle, providing explanations for the musical settings as well as suggestions for bringing the music and the text to life. The appendices include a transcription of an interview with Ben Moore, essays written by the composer about the work, and Moore’s personal research in adapting the texts for Dear Theo. It is the author’s hope that this document will provide the necessary information to further the success of singers performing the songs of Dear Theo, while bringing attention to this estimable composer for research, teaching, and performance.



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