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The overarching goal of this project is to argue that folk punk performances offer spaces where a listening audience is exposed to a radical and intersectional politics, and enable that audience to identify with those views. By considering the performances of Inky Skulls, Pussy Riot!, and Against Me!, this study looks to the ways in which these folk punk exemplars highlight elements of the radical politics of the American left and in the history of folk and punk music. In particular, this project considers the intersections of race and class, women and nonhuman animals, and queerness and anarchism, as intersecting points of ideological convergence. The secondary goals of this project are two-fold. The first aim is to articulate a performative approach to folk punk music, as a scene worthy of academic consideration. The second aim is to consider the ways in which my personal experiences at folk punk shows highlight the idiosyncratic and utopian ways in which small performatives in the genre shape the identities of audience members and fans.



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