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The Internet has become increasing popular as a vehicle to deliver surveys. An essential objective of research is to collect accurate data and there has been little work to insure that Internet survey systems are employing best practices as defined by academic and professional research to collect data. My dissertation reviews the current literature relating to best practices in Internet survey design and best practices in software design and development. I then document the development and deployment of an Open Source and publicly licensed Internet survey system that allows researchers to easily create, deploy, and analyze the results of Internet surveys. The resultant Internet survey design product, the Balch Internet Research and Analysis Tool ( is a full-featured Internet survey system which addresses best Internet research practices as defined by academic and professional research. The system was designed and coded by the author and is considered by him to be both innovative and unique to the field. The dissertation then reviews the system features, describes how the system was deployed, and discusses the strategies used to increase use and adoption of the system.



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