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The effect of acute and chronic supplementation upon work capacity in trained and untrained subjects was examined using 10 normal healthy subjects (ages 19-23). The subjects were tested using a double-blind crossover design. During the two supplemental stages subjects ingested either the placebo or antioxidant mixture capsules (beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E). There was a 28 day washout period between the two supplemental stages. Subjects were tested during each stage for an acute effect (one day of supplementation) and chronic effect (twenty-eight days of supplementation). Testing consisted of seven sets of arm curl exercises with a 60-second rest period between each set. Work, during the last three sets of each phase, was recorded and compared for each subject. Hypotheses tested was whether an acute (one day) and chronic (28 days) supplementation protocol would have an effect upon work capacity in untrained as compared to trained subjects. No significant differences were seen after acute or chronic supplementation in either trained or untrained subjects. However, power for the study was too low to make a determination without a high risk of Type II error. Significant subject dropout and work measure variability contributed to the low power.



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