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This dissertation examines four sonatas for solo violin op.42, no.1 by Max Reger, a composer relatively unknown in the modern era despite his significant contributions to the violin repertoire. Reger's lack of popularity as a composer for the violin and the infrequency of his solo violin sonatas' performance and recording are the main reasons for this study. The research is based on a comprehensive analysis of Reger's musical language and violin works focusing on his use of polyphonic textures, rhythmic and melodic phrasing, and ornamentation. By examining Reger's compositional techniques, this study aims to shed light on his unique approach to solo violin composition and to encourage more frequent performance and study of his works. The findings suggest that Reger's solo violin sonatas are essential works in the violin repertoire, rich in musical complexity and depth, and deserve more recognition and appreciation from contemporary performers and audiences alike.



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Lilleslåtten, Espen

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