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This catalogue presents 146 twentieth-century Spanish composers with 219 pieces for cello and piano. Pieces collected in this catalogue are largely original works for cello and piano. However, a few pieces in which the arrangement has been made by the composer or under the composer's supervision have been included. Some foreign composers working in Spain for many years have also been included. The body contains the entries by the composer's last name in alphabetical order. Each entry will include as much information as possible within the following guide: complete name and dates of the composer, complete title of the piece, date and place of composition, first performance information, publisher, date and city of publication (if ever published), recordings. Also, additional information such as number of movements, approximate duration, dedications, references to specific sources, location of manuscript... will be displayed within a space devoted to observations. Besides a listing of the multiple sources consulted (books, catalogues, internet sources, sheet music, recordings and unpublished material), the catalogue provides several helpful appendixes referring to: Publishers, Record labels, Archives, Composers in chronological order and Works by approximated duration. The monograph concludes with a Vita of the author.



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