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Using a qualitative case study approach, grounded in an ecological systems theory framework, this project sought to understand how a teacher describes her journey of becoming sensitive and uncover what helps or hinders a teacher’s ability to sensitive. This study collected and examined data from multiple data sources, which included direct and participant observations, collected documents and artifacts, semi-formal and informal interviews with school members, along with a focus-group. Data was evaluated for common codes and relevant emerging themes are discussed. Six early childhood teachers at an early childhood elementary school participated in the study. Results suggest that there are certain environmental and human factors that intersect, which impact teacher sensitivity. Teachers described strategies that can be implemented both in the classroom and within the school itself to make the environment more suited to engage in sensitive caregiving. Implications for administrators who work in early childhood settings and who manage early childhood teachers are presented.



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Baumgartner, Jennifer J

Available for download on Wednesday, May 20, 2020