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This project is a body of work that facilitates the creation of musical mobile artworks. The project includes a code toolkit that enhances and simplifies the development of mobile music iOS applications, a flexible notation system designed for mobile musical interactions, and example apps and scored compositions to demonstrate the toolkit and notation system.

The code library is designed to simplify the technical aspect of user-centered design and development with a more direct connection between concept and deliverable. This sim- plification addresses learning problems (such as motivation, self-efficacy, and self-perceived understanding) by bridging the gap between idea and functional prototype and improving the ability to contextualize the development process for musicians and other creatives. The toolkit helps to circumvent the need to learn complex iOS development patterns and affords more readable code.

CSPD (color, shape, pattern, density) notation is a pseudo-tablature that describes performance interactions. The system leverages visual density and patterns of both color and shape to describe types of gestures (physical or musical) and their relationships rather than focusing on strict rhythmic or pitch/frequency content. The primary design goal is to visualize macro musical concepts that create middleground structure.



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Allison, Jesse